Urbanized Heortlings

From: guy hoyle <ghoyle1_at_...>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 12:29:46 -0500

The recent trade guilds thread reminded me of something I've been pondering. How does the lifestyle of an urbanized Heortling differ from that of his backwoods cousin? ("He lives in a town, duuuuh!" Besides that.) Tattooed, woad-painted merchants and townsmen just don't seem to sit well with me, but I don't want to plop down yet another medieval burgher into the middle of Sartar. If I knew more about the Romanized Britains, I might use them as a model, but I want to reserve medieval craftsmen and townsfolk for the West. Any suggestions on their culture, religion, peculiarities and whatnot? (Especially the whatnot!)


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