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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 23:56:00 GMT

Craig Neumeier

> >From the last paragraph of the first chapter of HW:

>"The Seshnegi, a western power whose people are slowly encroaching on
>Dragon Pass, have entrenched themselves here too. They are neither
>Empire nor barbarian. They worship a single god who gives them
>terribly effective powers of sorcery. Small in numbers in the area so
>far, they might be helpful to either barbarian or Empire, but only
>for a short time. Indeed, everyone fears them because they so despise
>all other gods but their own, and also have armies nearby."

>Well, if everyone fears them, it would be nice to have some sort of
>clue who these people are. I've read the rules and the Glorantha
>book, and I don't.

I understand the Seshnegi keywords were originally going to be in the HW rulebook before it was decided to use the Black Horse Troop as an example of a Sorcerous Culture. The paragraph you quote stems from that time.

>On the face of it, the name looks like it ought to refer to Seshnela.

It does. The people of Seshnela are called the Seshnegi.

>However, there's no sign in _Glorantha_ that they are remotely
>interested in Dragon Pass. Nor should they be; it's too far away, and
>they have obvious closer frontiers and concerns.

Alas some mention of this was in a draft _Glorantha_ but this was brutally murdered by an editing cut. Not that it made much difference as it didn't give a good picture of Seshnegi designs in the Holy Country.

AFAIK the Seshnegi concerned are really the Quinpolic League, a major mercantile power (think Venice or Genoa) that is dominated by two familes - the du Tumerines and the Capratis. The League is trying to revive to some extent the Middle Sea Empire (of which Heortland and God Forgot were part of), based upon their own particular brand of Rokarism (in which everything - including salvation, holy offices, knighthoods etc - is for sale).

There are regular shipments of grain between Esrolia and the Quinpolic League and these started with the Opening.

Now what the above paragraph is referring to is Heortland. Recently a Seshnegi Knight, Richard the Tiger Hearted, set himself up as King of Malkonwal in Heortland and provoked a ruinous civil war between the traditionalists (led by King Broyan) and his own followers. As a result of this Civil War, the Lunars managed to conquer Heortland.

It is my belief that Richard was part of the Quinpolic League's attempt to control Heortland (think of the Norman Kings of Sciliy or the Crusader Kings). Now that King Richard has disappeared, the League has accepted this setback and is now trying to reassert its control over Heortland by having its cronies being appointed to positions of power within the Lunar regime.

--Peter Metcalfe

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