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errinoru wrote:
> i have many questions about this.
> what 's the place of argin terror , aruzban , garundyer ,
> in prophecys and events of THE HERO ' s WAR .

There are a lot of things going on in the HeroWars in Ralios. For our freeform Rise of Ralios we have made up a lot of option of what could happen in Ralios. Mainly there a three or four different plots which are working sometimes mixed and sometimes seperatly.

  1. The war between Saflester Ralios and Seshnela - After seshnela comes to power again through the union between the king and the church they try to conquer Ralios again. Dagim has fallen soon and Daran also. The Saflester states are in big trouble because they couldn't unify easly because of religious difference (Arkat churches in Azilos and Sentanos, Rokari in Tiskos and Kustria - but not so hard as the seshnelian one - , earth worshiping in Estali, the galanini worship in Galin, the stygian dark church of Naskorion, the boristi in Borin and the Galvosti in Uron and there are as well as a lot of sects which makes unifications nearly impossible).
  2. War between the Salfester states - in my campaign and in the free form Rise of Ralios the are a lot of intrigue and betrayal between all the safelster city states. In front of all Foyalfine of Azilos promised a lot but betrayed all through an alliance with Seshnela.
  3. Arkat cames back - in Rise of Ralios it is possible that Arkat arises in all his five incarnations. In a campaign this must be played and used very carefully, because Arkat couldn't easly destroyed in any of his incarnations - for example if you let Arkat the destroyer run freely in Ralios, Ralios would be destroyed really fast. Only one incarnation of Arkat could defeat the other one, to become a new form of Arkat - something like a mixture of these two.
  4. War and religiuos conflict between Orlanth and Malkion - The are pure Orlanthi worshippers in the east and north but also henotheistic churches which wants to unify the Orlanthis under one hand - Otkorion are very dangerous.
  5. The Trolls going forth - The Argan Argar chain becoming more and more influnce, pushed up by some prophecies of Arkat Kingtroll and the stygian church of Naskorion. The Orlanthis of east Ralios getting pressed from two sides - Naskorion and Halikiv. Both are under hard influnece of troll worshipping arkat cults.

> is there a war betwenn the orlanthi ' s tribes from ralios and the
> lunar ' s empire ?

The lunar empire plays in Ralios a very minor role.
> what ' s about the arkat return ' s .

He will coming back - that will be really fun.

> is there a legend or a reality ?

Who know, there so many prophets running around and telling this and that story - who will know what's the truth behind all this.

> where is the five incarnations of arkat ?
> i like to have a historic background for my players.
> ( when story meet the great history of glorantha ,
> they like that )

Here are some history from Rise of Ralios in a short overview: Timetable of Events (last 30 years)

1598 Argin Terror where born
1604 Lady Erengazor of Sentanos seized the throne of her father - Sir Brute - a foreigner from Seshnela.
1604 Surkorion joins Confederation of Jofrain 1608 Garundyer liberates Siglolf
1610 - 1618 Duchess of Tortun instituted Proven Appearance of Arkat movement 1611 Valantia resettled and Great Temple to Orlanth built 1612 Humakti decide to build huge temple in Istakax 1614 Richard de Loimbard in southern Ralios in employment with the count of Tiskos - Reynaldi
1614 - 1618 Otkorion becomes powerful
1614 Otkorion converted to Henotheism
1615 Count Darmangon boasts of being Agent of Boristi 1615 Proven Appearance of Arkat fails to occur 1616 Ariston dies, Mullium the Generous becomes Duke of Nolos 1616 Otkorion imports Siglolf Cloudcrusher from Lankst 1616 Duke Rainard de Faucille of Naskorion declares open to be a member of the secret Argan Argar Chain.
1617 Naskorion acquires parts of southern Delela and northern Sentanos 1618 Mullium the Generous leads mercenaries against Seshnela 1618 to 1620 Zorakarkat built
1619 Proven Appearance of Arkat fails to occur 1619 Prince of East Seshnela (in Tiskos) has waged a successful purge of the Guild of Chaos Monks after they attempted another mutant rebellion 1620 - 1625 Daran makes conditional defense alliances with Tarasdal and Tiskos, Estal and Azilos
1620 Lodreuse, Duke of Dangim killed and replaced by King of Seshnela and his son Romaine
  1620 the County of Dangim was conquered by Guy de Loimbard, Count of Estaurenic
1621 Sentanos has been losing bits to its neighbors 1621 Janus de Chevalier, the Tournament King of Kustria marries Countess of Galin
1622 Sir Guy de Loimbard defeated and apparenty killed in a battle against Nolos. King Guilmarn take over his land for his own. 1623 Count Darmangon declares to be the Bishop of Borin of the henotheistisc Church of Otkorion
1624 Peasants of Tarasdal are rebelling against their count. Tarasdal becomes part of Seschnela
1624 Stygian Church of Naskorion officially founded and as the new bishop of this church was a darktroll elected named Kurzum Aragat. 1625 Surkorion under the leadership of Klostron the shallow Wind meets Otkorion and Henotheistic faith
1624 Intermediate war between Lankst and Surkorion about religious matters. 1624 Some Prophezies speaks about Arkats return or reincarnation in Ralios 1625 Lady Erengazor of Sentanos konverted to Galvosti church. 1625 On the 7. ecclesiastical Council the Ecclesiarch of the Rokari Theoblanc the pious where killed. The new elected Ecclesiarch is Fidele. Also Sir Guy de Loimbard shows himself there up again, he was captured by Mulliam from Nolos. He gets his county of Estaurenic back. 1625 Daran conquered by Seschnela with support of count Foyalfine of Azilos (500 knights) under the leadership of Sir Ballial von Dunkelbrunn. Sir Guy de Loimbard becomes Lordprotektor of Daran. 1625 Count Albortis of Daran takes refuge with his army in the south of Estal.
1625 Count Darmangon declares to be the Bishop of Borin of the henotheistisc Church of Azilos, Borin became part of Azilos as a feoff 1626 A holy man of the World of Losers Movement declares to be the new prophet of Arkats return.
1626 Peasants of Tarasdal a rebelling against Seschnlea. Tarasdal independant again.
1626 Lankst where defeated by the troops of Otkorion in Surkorion under the leadership of Sir Harm of the proud lance. 1626 Orlanthi uprising in Naskorion against the Stygian Church of Naskorion. The rebellious attacks where bloody defeated by Zorak Zoran Trolls. 1626 Church of Nomia establish in Sentanos 1626 The Ecclesiarch of the Rokari church unmasked as a heretic and therefore where burnt of the Inquisition. Bishop Bistraup, the head of the inquisition, became new Ecclesiarch. Vancelaine de Tumerine, Bishop of Vogai and Gilboch became new head of the Inquisition Order. 1626 Count of Azilos conquered Tarasdal. The whole family of the count of Tarasdal was killed only one heir left (Lady Elanzine). 1626 Foyalfine, Count of Azilos conquered Uton 1626 Trolls of Guhan Attacked Holut
1626 Bishop of Tiskos replaced by Reynaldi 1626 Rebellious 'Rokari Traditional Movement' under the leadership of Baron Ducat Abyron - Brother to Reynaldi - in Tiskos 1626 Successful mutant rebellion in Tiskos 1627 Sir Leperon of Estau became new leader of the inquistorical order of the Golden Lance in Seshnela.
1627 War between Azilos and Holut in Uron; Massacre of Uton 1627 Grand Tournament of Kustria
> i mastering in ralios and i have no date , no chronology
> about the most important event to 1620 and after ralios .
> what hapenn ' s in ralios betwenn 1620 and 1700 ?

I hope this helps a little bit.



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