Re: Buserian Feats.

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 14:04:40 -0700

Answering as Me-the-narrator:

> I was looking through the Lunar Keywords again when I spotted that
> Buserian has "Divine Future" (and to a lesser extent "Read Horoscope")
> as feats for his celestiology affinity.
> I was under the impression that Gloranthan God's can not see into the
> future. Is this just a result of the pro-Orlanthi bias of our previous
> sources (since of Orlanth could divine the future he wouldn't have made
> so many mistakes...), or is Buserian more powerful than I thought?

All gods can make predictions based on their own area of expertise: "Hey Orlanth, will on our stead it rain tomorrow?" "Yes". However, if some Sun-worshipping lunar decides to "cast cloud clear" (in RQ terms) over your stead, it won't rain - Orlanth can tell you what he *plans* to do, but his plans can be derailed by forces outside his control. I think Buserian can look into *other* God's domains to see what *they'll* be doing: "Hey Shargash, will it rain on our city tomorrow?" "I don't know, go kill something." "Hey Buserian, will it rain on our city tomorrow?" "Let me check, yep, <Lunar Weather god> says he planning on raining there from morning 'til mid-afternoon."

> In play I would imagine both require much studying of dusty tomes,
> drawing of detailed charts and getting exact dates and times of past
> events, so not something that can be done hurridly, on the spur of the
> moment. ("You, Scribe, Quickly, should we turn left or right at the end
> of this corridor")

Most likely correct.


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