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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 21:13:03 GMT

Alexandre Lanciani

> > I think that individuals only have one spirit (ok there may be some
> > exceptions) so I am not sure about the idea of a spirit per ability.

> But if fits with the fact that spirits in HW seem to possess >only one
>ability (I may be grossly mistaken though).

They don't. However when you integrate a spirit or place it in a fetish, you can only use one spirit.

> > There are many other stations in Bagogoi... culture than just the
> > shamans. Not all Bagogi are shamans and the RQ cult drescription
> > had holy fighters who could incarnate various aspects of scorpions
> > yet could not be shamans.

> Agreed. But IMO there are better ways to track these stations >than cult
>hierarchies. Holy Fighter could well be an advanced >occupation (requiring
>knowledge of the Tradition Secret to enter).

But a holy fighter _is_ part of the Cult of Bagog and holy people are part of the animist hierarchy.

> > I don't think Bagogi shamans will have such an easy access to
> > Chaos.

> But isn't Bagog a great chaos spirit? Then why shouldn't they >have it?

Because they have to get their spirits from Primal Chaos and not Bagog.

> > Bagogi shamans should not have access to these types of spirits
> > unless they are also Queens. You might be better of viewing
> > the Bagogi Shamans as dealing with spirits _outside_ the Bagog
> > tradition (like the Ituvanu shamans of the Dorastran Telmori)
> > for the benefit of the people.

>But who would deal with traditional spirits, then?

The Queen and also the Holy Fighters.

>IIRC telmori have two types of shamans.

That's correct. I suggested that the Bagogi Shamans would be closer to the Ituvanu rather than the ordinary Telmori Shamans.

> > This would not be available to the shamans but to those holy
> > warriors serving the People.

> Maybe changing the requirements? Something like: one mastery at three
>talents from integrated spirits, a hunting ability and a >combat ability.

I don't think so. Shamans cannot shapechange unless they become Queens. Merely changing the requirement for the Shapechanging Secret of Bagog is not enough.

> > It be much simpler to have something like "the Devourers can > integrate
>the captive to gain any ability of his as if he were a > spirit". This is
>intentionally wasteful in that you only get > one ability and it behoves
>the Bagogi to use the ritual of rebirth > > for hero-types.

> But what level of victory is required? Normally integration >requires a
>complete victory, so would this ritual be useless unless >the participants
>get a complete victory?

Well unless animists get a complete victory for integrating a spirit, they get nothing also.

--Peter Metcalfe

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