Re: Re: Heler and the Water Tribe

From: e-g_at_...
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 21:15:14 GMT

"morganconrad" <morganconrad_at_...> writes:

> Either there is gravity, or there isn't. If there
>is no gravity, why is Climbing a skill? I'm like Einstein, I want to
>to know if God had any choice in making the Universe.

If gravity on Glorantha *did* follow our universe's physical laws, people wouldn't be attracted "downwards". They'd be attracted towards the Lozenge's centre of mass, which is presumably in the area of Magasta's Pool. Heortlings who didn't hang on tightly would therefore all "fall" southwards until they landed in the Ocean with a loud splash... ;-)

(Maybe this explains why most invasions of Dragon Pass come from the north: they've got further to fall up there)

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