Re: Animist Numbers

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 17:50:36 EDT

Wulf Corbett:

<< > That isn't official, and in any case refers specifically to the
>religion as practised by one particular tribe. There is a note to that
>on the page, IIRC. Furthermore, it does not in any way apply to animists -
>Asrelia is a theist deity, AFAIK.

 Yes, but Serdrosa worship is misapplied Animistic worship of Asrelia >>

     Sure, and the trolls do that too, although probably under a different name. But, being misapplied, its quite likely to be different in other ways from the 'correct' theist version of the cult I described, so it would be difficult to draw conclusions about Serdrosa from the theist Asrelia cult except in the broadest of terms, IMO.


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