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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:24:30 EDT

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<< >The Pegasus Plateau is on Locaem lands, does Pegasi exist there still? ( or
>even at all?) If so stats?

 The only winged horse that I know was bred recently by the CharUn.  I assume that the plateau has similar historic connections with  the Grazers (ie the place where their horses could get wings)...  

 --Peter Metcalfe

There is mention in some very ancient OOP source of a Pegasus Postal service, but I think it was probably tongue in cheek. However, two sources menioning Pegasus makes one think there must be some basis in truth; ie there must be some time/place /mythin Glorantha were Pegasus existed. However, they are soooooo rare as to be only heard of by the Grazers.

Keith N

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