Re: cuchullain

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 09:13:26 -0400

Guy Hoyle wrote:
> I stumbled across this decription of the warrior training of Cuchullain,
> and was struck by its similarity to a Hero Wars character description:
> "... the apple feat, the thunder-feat, the blade-feat, the supine-feat, the
> spear-feat, the rope-feat, the body-feat, the cat's feat, the salmon-feat
> of a chariot-chief, the throw of the staff, the whirl of a brace chariot
> chief, the spear of the bellows (_gae bulga_), the _boi_ of swiftness, the
> wheel-feat, the breath-feat, the _brud geme_, the hero's whoop, the blow,
> the counter-blow, running up a lance and righting the body upon its point;
> the scythe chariot and the twisting around spear points..."
> Haven't done any research, but I imagine one gould find similar passages in
> Greep epic literature, and many other sources.
> Guy

Hmmm. COULD there be a correlation? Could there be? =)

Look at it this way -- you now have some very, very good source material to read...


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