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From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_...>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 13:22:11 +1000

Ian, responding to me:

> > There has been incredible confusion in previous discussions from
> such mixing
> > of concepts.
> And we don't want to start that again do we :-)

At which point John's eyes glaze over and he gurgles, sotto voce, "Blood oath Narelle..."

> Families make up a bloodline, which is a conceptual exogamous
> > kinship and legal unit.

(the Orlanthi year-marriage may be an labour
> relationship more that a romatic one).

I *really* like this idea. I play that a man's bride price to the family of his bride to be is often partially paid by a year's labour at their stead: Ian's suggestion takes the idea a little further. Having the man around on more-or-less the woman's terms, without the constant interfering presence of his kin, may well be the best way for their *real* relationship to begin. (Young men get besotted over women constantly, this romantic streak has little or anything to do with the real world, and can be only cured by cattle raiding. Hence, "cattle are better than women." :)

European folk history shows this "trial marriage" to be relatively common, persisting even in Christian cultures.

Given that Orlanthi sexuality isn't hung up on celibacy and virginity issues like the Solars (being a people of Earth and Storm), the relationship between year mariage and pre-nuptial bride labour may only be the focus of the contract: whether it is primarily based on the relationship or on labour.



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