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Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 08:49:58 -0800


>Problem with Animist writeups (as opposed to characters) is that most
>don't have to state what Tradition they belong to, they get no real
>choice - saying Wanasgard is a male Grazer tells you what tradition
>he belongs to, stating it explicitly would waste precious words
>(although personally I'd prefer it was stated)

Yes, I try to be sparing in character writeups. The capitalized word "Warrior" in Wanasgard's writeup implies (to me at least) the Grazer keyword as well as the Jardan the Warrior keyword. And I was short of words, what with needing to detail allies/followers (even with fudging the animals).

I believe it's no longer mentioned, but a version of the Hero Wars rules suggested that Narrators allow extra words for information important to their game (such as clan affiliation). I'm in this boat as well -- IIRC in my Jrusteli game I gave players whatever words they needed to mention their city of origin.

As for Wanasgard, he didn't have an unusual (for a Grazer Warrior) relationship with great or lesser spirits, so I didn't mention anything.

And I don't think the typical Warrior does have the same sort of personal relationship with Jardan as a Heortling weaponthane would with his deity.

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