Uleria Question..

From: Santo Sengupta <Santo_at_...>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 21:19:57 -0000

I was going over Anaxial Roster, and came last two entries - Boggles and Tlintae. It seems to indicate that since these two creations were made in the Golden Age, by members of the Celestial Court, no less, they were somehow Daimons, Spirits, and Elementals all at once. How nifty.

I was wondering then - can Uleria be followed by Sorcerors and Shamans, as well as Theistically? I can't really see many Malkioni Sorceror deciding to follow Uleria (despite the Laws of Sympathy and Contagion..) but I can see her followed by Shamans in Animists cultures.

Besides, being able to say that you're a Luv Shaman is too campy for me to pass up.

-Santo Sengupta
"It was very sad, but for the best, because he could one day grow a raccoon for a limb, and become evil. It's heriditary."

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