RE: Misapplied Worship (was: Malia)

From: Phil Hibbs <phil_at_...>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 20:40:29 -0000

>And if some person 'proves' that Orlanth is just Worlanth
>and Yelm is just Ehlim, does that make it true? They get
>power from it but, in Glorantha, it is not observably as
>powerful as the raw magics that the Yelm and Orlanthi enjoy
>when they worship theistically. The game reflects that fact.

But as Roderick (I think) said, at the end of the Hero Wars, everyone will see the sun the same way. One way will conquer the others, and prove that it is correct. This could well be Aeol's followers. They may prove that Ehilm was a sorceror who pretended to be a god. And you know what? They'll be right. There will be no misapplied penalties to sorcerors doing fire and light magic the way Ehilm did it. So where does "misapplied" fit in to all this? The terminology all sounds a bit One-True-Way-ist, and I'm concerned that newcomers to Glorantha will accept it as fact that Orlanth is a god, and Aeol was wrong.

>I do not think Misapplied worship will go away because you don't
>like it. I'm suspsecting that its more common than you might like.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm sure it happens. If an Orlanthi who is used to the idea of sacrificing sac's a cow to Malia, then it will be difficult. Malia isn't set up for sacrificial worship. But if someone HQs to discover the correct way to directly approach Malia without going through the animistic layers, then they may (if they are very powerful, very well prepared and probably very lucky too) be able to create the theistic cult of Malia worship. Now I'm not saying that all forms of worship is possible for all entities, that you could, say, work out how to sacrifice cows to Zzabur, that may not be possible. But if there is a hint of the possibility that Malia has a trace of divinity in her nature, then this can be found, identifieded, and accessed. Just like the Sun has elements of sorcerous power, divinity, animism, and mysticism, whoever proves that their way is right *is* *right*.

When you first start out with a new way of accessing a power, say Aeol's theory of Worlath, magic is going to be difficult. If it's so difficult that you can't get it to work, then well, you were wrong. Back to the drawing board and start again. But if you can get even the faintest of breezes to tickle the hairs on your cheek, then you're on to something. Work at it, discover the deeper truths, refine the theories, and the penalties will surely reduce. Eventually, if you take it all the way and prove beyond all doubt that you are right and that hairy idiot above you is wrong, then you demonstrate your superior knowledge by bringing him down to the ground with a thump, or flying faster than him. You will then have weakened his magic, because he's seen your demonstration that you have stronger command over the air than him. If you and your followers do this and sow the seeds of doubt in the mind of every Orlanthi in the world, then it's Orlanthi that will be suffering the penalty, not you.

IMO. Phil.
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