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From: Jeff Kyer <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 16:28:44 -0000

> In HW Rules terms the Tribal/Clan Initiation probably gives you
> your "Worship Storm Tribe" score (and "Relationship to [Clan]"),
> wheras the Cult initiation will give you "Initiate of [Diety]".
> Amongst Heortling Orlanthi it is probably rare to find adults who
> aren't (at least) Initiates, and in many cases the Ceremonies are
> probably combined

Yes, but in the case of the Heortling Orlanthi, adulthood and initiation coincide... though there IS a period when you are undergoing a 'trial initiation' -- just because YOU want to be cursed by Humakt doesn't mean that your family and elders don't want you to be a good farmer like your dad.

No one can make you do anything. But neither can you. (Societal pressures can be brought to bear on someone who has unrealistic expectations of their cult. When confronted by the realities of Humakt or Stormbull (Um, I think I'm going to be sick now) or Lankor Mhy (I have to do WHAT for the next ten years? This sucks.) many find that they are not really called by that god afterall and might content themselves with a subcult of Orlanth or Ernalda who dabble in that aspect of society.

Orlanthi initiation (and Ernaldan) is covered extensively in Thunder Rebels, you betcha!  

> >(I know there is variation of the cults within the tribes). Is
> > a separate way to 'initiate' into the tribe without joining
> > Orlanth - leaving the door open to choose your cult later?
> I would guess so, since it is possible for Adults to join/be adopted
> into the tribe after they have committed to a cult, which needn't be
> Orlanth (though probably should normally be a Storm Tribe deity, or
> one who has a God Time relationship with Orlanth...)

You choose your cult but you're not stuck with it. In a year your sponsors choose for you. And then you make a choice after that.  

> > the way I saw it was for all the players to be going through the
> > general Orlanth initiation and to either be able to select another
> > cult later - or to be selected by another deity during this
> >initiation!

This is more or less how it works. Not quite sure on the game-speek specifics at the moment (and probably should leave it to Roderick)  

> This is good. Maybe part of the Initiation is the joining together
> of the Storm Tribe, with Heort, or other suitable ancestor choosing
> to follow Orlanth. Most initiands follow this lead, although some
> choose to join the groups gathering around his brothers and chief
> thanes (and, as you suggest, some are chosen by those other
> dieties...)

More or less, yes. There's more to Orlanth than there used to be... But then, there's more to the other deities too now. We went to 2 books for a reason!

Hope this helps and tantalizes!


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