Re: Re: Player 100 words

From: Guy Hoyle <ghoyle1_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 23:41:17 -0600

On 11/12/00 at 5:44 PM Jeff Kyer wrote:
>I wonder how much of The Blue Rajah is a tip of the hat to The Big
>Blue Guy - The Tick.
Hmm. The Blue Rajah is not super-strong nor nigh-invulnerable; he has no blue in his costume; he does not wear tights or antennae; he wears a turban, not antennae; he flings forks and spoons, and occasionally uses a pie server, but not knives; and he affects an upper-class British accent and manner.

Other than "blue" and "spoon", not much resemblance ;-)


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