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From: Jonas Schiött <jonas.schiott_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 23:19:49 +0100

Tim Ellis:

>What level do you see the characters starting out at in the
>initiation? I'd guess they should be less than 13/17/1w/5w at this

Yes. I've actually written some more about this, but there seems to be some problem with sending long mails from my account at the moment. Oh what the heck, it's worth a try:

Beginning heroes in the first scenario are only children and don¹t have a full range of keywords or abilities. They have their Cultural keyword and everything that comes with it at a rating of 13. Also, they choose what their Magic keyword is going to be (limited to the various aspects of Orlanth in this case) and get the appropriate Mythology skills and Initiate of [whatever] at 13. They can choose a few hobbies or other identifying traits as well, which also receive a 13 rating. Rolin tribesmen often have abilities like "Big", "Hirsute", "Strong", "Tough" etc. The players don¹t have to choose a full complement of additional traits at this point, they can add more as they go along as in the Quick Start method. A full narrative or list only needs to be compiled after the second scenario. They can¹t choose magical or otherwise expensive equipment to start with, and they can never choose something that would have required travel outside Rolin tribal territory. Between The Initiation and Osentalka¹s Seventh Temple, everyone chooses an Occupation keyword, getting all those abilities and the remaining ones from their Magic keyword at 13. If they¹ve already chosen such an ability as a hobby, one more Œslot¹ for another hobby skill opens up. (Alternately, you can give them +2 in the skill, but that would encourage specialization rather than a broad range of abilities.) After the second scenario, all ratings are increased to the normal starting values as given in the rulebook, i.e. Magic and Occupation keyword abilities are improved by 4 points. Any heroes who so wish can trade in their Initiate status for Devotion at this point, free of charge. Any increases purchased with Hero Points are of course added on top of all this. I¹m not giving any guidelines for HP rewards, because it all depends on how fast you want the heroes to progress and how many additional episodes are inserted into the series. If you run only the scenarios given by us, I would suggest handing out at least twice the HP stipulated by the rules and being rather generous with what¹s considered "related to session" (most things can be explained as training between episodes).

Jonas Schiött

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