Misallied Worship

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Date: Thu Sep 16 11:42:17 2010

G'day all,

Thom Baguley's suggestion of D+X sounds one good way to do it (although I think +10 or +15 is required to penalise people for doing it wrong). This also means that you need a big ceremony with lots of people to make it work if you are a low level person. Thus most low level people are not interested in using dodgy worship forms except when a lot of them are desperate enough to get together to try it e.g. Orlanthi clan sacrificing to local spirits.

Alternatively I prefer Jeff Kyers 1st idea or is that actually the rules (below)? because it should be more difficult if you are very good because you are trying to get closer to the powerful effects (e.g. closer to Orlanth) but with the wrong methodology and thus it is harder to actually make 'contact' at the required level of detail/meshing needed.

Cheers, Andrew
>>>If the flaw of missapplied worship is a HP multiplier, then then it becomes progressively harder to increase the magical abillties compared
to someone using 'purer' worship forms. Thus, the longer you worship, the less effective you will become with time. Now, it seems that the folks who are misapplied are not quite as powerful as those who are using more correct forms of worship. With this method you will never be truly powerful -- BUT it can be done at a the initiate/layman level with little difference in effect. They are not going to be going for monsterous magic (tm)

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