RE: Glorantha / Hero Wars Intro Guide

From: Bruce Ferrie <bruce_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 08:26:14 -0000

On Monday, November 27, 2000 1:58 AM, Tim Ellis [SMTP:tim_at_...] wrote:

> Funny you should mention that. Danny Bourne, Bruce Ferrie and myself
> were discussing this (at least from the HW perspective) between the HW
> demos at Dragonmeet yesterday.

I did a little work on this yesterday, as it happens, as well as working on a new demo scenario that I've had a very good idea for. I've come up with a provisional TOC, for what sort of things I'd like to see included:

  1. How to explain the rules to new players. 1a. How to read the character sheet. 1b. The difference between a Simple and Extended Contest; when to use each type. 1c. How to do a Simple and Extended Contest; quick run-through for a new player. 1d. Augmentation and Edges - real basic overview. 1e. What to give the players as a handout (i.e., at least the tables from the synopsis, maybe a pregen character).
  2. How to create characters. Give a sample character and a step-by-step of how to get from the 100 word description to the finished character sheet, like on Wesley's site.
  3. How to run the world. 3a. Some typical Resistances for "common feats" - climbing, etc. 3b. Typical skill levels for NPCs, etc. 3c. A step-by-step example of how to run an Extended Contest, including some Augmentations/Edges, examples of using Affinities and Feats. 3d. A little bit of blurb telling the Narrator not to stress about the "flexibility" of feat names/skills. Give a couple of examples of what is and isn't an appropriate skill/ability to use in a given situation.
  4. Include the errata and FAQ? And maybe an abbreviated Glossary of the *most* common terms in the game (not the full 12-page version...).
  5. Optional - nice things to include if you're running, say, a demo. A little bit of source material about the area where the scenario is set for the players to take away. Like the "What My Father Told Me" stuff or something. Maybe, if you can get one, a nice copy of a map. Players like pretty maps. A copy of the scenario that you were running, so they can take it away and play it themselves?

I'm going to carry on with it after work tonight. Anyone got any ideas on stuff that should/shouldn't be in it?



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