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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 17:23:33 EST

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<< I think 'Blue Streak' takes over from 'Sunset leap' as Glorantha's
 most obscure Feat name...>>

Do I win a prize?

<< Without knowing the background, it means
 nothing, even given the affinity (well, the one possible meaning is  limited to use on very cold winters days...).  

 Wulf >>

The Blue Streak is what can be seen with magical vision when the Blue Moon falls through the top of the Sky and down through Magasta's Pool into Hell before she starts climbing back up the Sky Dome. I beleive the Tides follow her precipitous fall. Alternatively, it could be a description of your typical Heortling out jogging in his combat paint. Whatever, an obscure feat for an obscure and secretive cult with
hidden powers seems singularly appropriate.

Keith N

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