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Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 10:33:13 EST

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<< They weren't a monolithic order but they did have a coherent philosophy  and they strive for a unified understanding of the Cosmos.>>

Having a coherent philosophy doesn't mean that everyone agrees on everything (actually, it might do if taken quite literally, but I think I basically agree with you that they agree on the main points) , The 'striving' is the bit that creates the different orders. The devil is in the detail. We know, for example, that some godlearners were interested in mapping the physical world rahter than the mythical world because they viewed that as more important.  

>probably included more sects and secret orders than modern day Safelster.

 That's a heck of a lot of orders. >>

and that is why I said it. You could say that many sects in Safelster have a coherent philosophy ("Arkat is very important") but they are hardly in agreement. As you stated Umathela University churned out 50,000 Runequesters, Universities on Jrustela maybe did a few more thousand, Loskalm, Fonrit, Slontos, Eest, Seshnela, Tanisor, Ralios a few more. The Middle Sea Empire was a pretty big place, with plenty of room for diverse views. Valastos of the Seven Pens with her warnings was a godlearner who didn't agree with Heroquests, Moray and Telerio spurned Godlearnerism and effectively became theists. What the Invisible Tanisorian was up to we may never know.

Keith N

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