Re: Misapplied Sacrifice

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 11:37:31 -0000

As I currently understand it (And I haven't seen Thunder Rebels, so I may be wrong...) Daimones can not be incarnated in the same way that spirits can. I think the difference is

Daimones (Theistic "spirits") always exist in their own body, whether on the God Plane or in the normal world, so you could Summon your ancestor, who would appear as whatever sort of Daimon they were (IIRC most Orlanthi ancestors become Umbroli - Storm Daimones), but not integrate them into your own body* or into a fetish

Essences (Sorcerous "spirits") can exist in disembodied form on the sorcery plane, but must always be given (the correct form of) body when summoned into the normal world - I dont recall the posh names, but when you call upon the essence of a Fire Elemental, for example, you must provide it with fire to inhabit. A sorceror could not trap a fire elemental in a stone and then summon it forth to start a fire. Sorcerors would not have ancestral Essences since they believe their ancestors enter solace and are lost to mortals.

Spirits (Animist "Spirits") can maintain a disembodied presence in the normal world, although it is easier for them if they can posesses someone or thing that "belongs" here. A Shaman can bring spirits back into this world and/or trap them in a fetish or integrate them into their own being. It has been suggested before that this can give your animists a great motive when some other Shaman traps their ancestor, and they need to free him. Hsunchen integrate spirits of their "totem" animal (I don't think that's quite the right word, but you know what I mean) which must be ancestors of some sort, we don't really know enough about other ancestor worshiping animists to be sure how they make use of their ancestors.

*If they have become the focus of a Hero-Cult, of course then you can try and Hero-Form them....

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