RE: Vingan Thunder Rebels Wallpaper

From: Grawe, Philipp <pgrawe_at_...>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 11:48:04 +1100

> From: John Hughes [mailto:nysalor_at_...]
> The vingan 'Cradledaughter' is a fully poseable 3-D model
> built and modified
> in Poser 3. In the graphic above, the rendered image was combined with
> a background, touched up and logo etc. added in Photoshop.

Hero Wars action figures, anyone ? :-)

My 11 year old'd have one of them. Not sure if Vinga is his style though, he's a boy, he'd be more into the Storm Bull (comes with Axe, shield, wine skin and smashable broo skull, push the button on his back and he bellows.)

I love the picture though, fantastic stuff.


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