RE: Re: Greg Stafford on Fetches and Commentary

From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_...>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 16:43:58 -0000

 Now... how to get a
> > theistically trained ghost back to some semblance of life... over to
> > you, Andy :)
> Oooh. Tricky. Really tricky. More from a difficulty
> standpoint rather
> than a rules issue. Its a good idea -- just going to be rough to
> actually carry out. But it could be a lot of fun.
> But I can see one playing 'there's a hole in my bucket' on the spirit
> plane to make happy with whatever holds the soul/spirit/thingy intact.

It helps that the character in question included a "Resurrection Bone" as a magic item in her hundred word writ up before the possibility of the quest was even raised :)
And yes its a tough quest. She failed in an earlier RQ3 based quest for the same thing. At least we have rules for the basics of it now.


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