Re: Heortling Marriage, Courtship, Bridewealth

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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 18:23:02 +0000

John(>>) & Jeff (>)

>>For example, clans in prescriptive alliances can only take husbands
>>or wives from a single or narrow range of partner clans. "We are
>>the Rich Pudding Clan, we take our wives from the Pickled Walnut
>>Clan, and our daughters marry the Roast Turkey Clan."

Which gives you a chance to pull Romeo & Juliet type scenarios where a son of the Rich Pudding Clan falls for a daughter of the Roast Turkeys - or even the boiled sprout clan. If one or both are PC's can they deal with the disapproval of their families and ancestors. If they are NPC's can the PC's keep them apart/bring them back if they elope/come up with a solution acceptable to all parties.

>This also collapses if one of the allied clans suffers disaster --
>there are no men or women to marry.

Another campaign seed. Our clan traditionally marries our daughters to our allies the blue squirrel clan, but mischance has left us with no (or too few) women of marriageable age. What can we do? One solution may be the Nandan Route - but there is always another way. We can adopt women into our clan (providing we are rich enough to tempt them - The fact we can promise husbands may bring some women from clans where there are too few men in the potential husband pool). For added fun, the most promising source of new clan members of the appropriate age and sex is a clan we are currently feuding with...

Alternatively, IIRC the children of Thralls are free cottars. It is probably bending the rules a bit to go on a raid with the express intention of capturing a family to turn the parents into Thralls, and immediately freeing the children to make suitable marriage partners.

Any attempt to bring in extra members of the clan to make suitable marriage partners is almost certain to offer suitable repercussions in the future...


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