Re: Heortling Marriage, Courtship, Bridewealth

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 16:22:01 -0000

No, That's Macbeth. in R&J it just *most* people that die, the parents have to survive to feel sorry about it...

> Marriage Contest! Feast. Feats. Suitable dowries (not small but
> not large). You'd also be looking at fosterage and adoption.
> Oh, that would be lovely for a clan that got hammered into the
> ground during the rebellions. I LIKE this. Might I use it?

Of course! If I wanted to keep it private, I wouldn't post it here! (Besides which, you might end up writing it up as scenario on the Issaries site, then I get to use it without having to work out the details!)


[capturing Thralls to marry their (Free) Children]
> >
> Its sounds like an idea Vadrus would come up with. Its twisted

 Yeah, I thought it was twisted too! Offer it as a solution in the tribal moot and see which Characters are twisted enough to play along with it.

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