Constructive commentary

From: David Boatright <david.boatright_at_...>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 17:03:54 -0000

> > It's nice to see that HW is clarifying and simplfying things. I
>> hope this is not the sort of thing we can expect from TR (Out
really really
>> soon).

>>Perhaps Mr. Boatright might like to make productive and
>>constructive commentary?

>Jeff Kyer

How about this for constructive commentary. Does Issaries really think that constantly redefining things which gave people a handle on Glorantha before, such as various cult ranks and further complicating others things (eg Alkoring&#92;Heortling&#92;Vingkotling), is going to be attractive to new gamers. From anyone I have spoken to this is far from being the case and in fact is driving them away. And if the TR is going to go further down this route I can not see them winning any friends. And before anyone gives me 'wait until it comes out' maybe they should direct it at those involved in the production of TR who are currently clouding the issue on this list.

And as for Mr Kyer's comment it is best summed up in his own words 'a sophomoric attempt to win adulation among ones alleged peers.'  

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