[Hero Wars] Re: Esrolia

From: jeff.richard_at_...
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:10:27 -0000

This is also how I've seen the Esrolians as well - I've never viewed them as weird eunuch-folk or as Sir Arthur Evans' ficticious Minoans. (the idea of Crete as a peaceful matriarchy has always gotten a bit under my skin - as a young college student I went to Crete as part of an archeological internship. After spending quite a bit of time looking at the long, pointy swords of the palatial era Minoans and after seeing the fabled Minoan "snake goddess" statue in all of its diminuative glory, I must confess that I view the "Chalice and the Blade" as a complete fabrication.)

I think another principle difference between the Esrolians and the Heortlings is their conception of the role of a ruler. The ruler as warleader is not going to be particularly important to the Esrolians -  unlike the Heortlings. In fact, I'm uncertain how Esrolian rulers would be chosen. Hereditary succession seems inappropriate - perhaps rulers are chosen by a council of elders - "grandmothers". Does that sound right?

Assuming that sounds right, I assume that Ernalda the Queen is the Esrolian rulership figure.


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