Re: Electronic files available by subscription

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 11:38:38 -0000

Another thought.

If Issaries publish a book then I can go down to my local retailer and buy it in good old Pounds Stirling. If they have electronic distribution then I would presumably have to send them payment in US Dollars, not a currency I regularly have to hand! (Indeed, one of the plus points of the GTA is that it was a one off payment where the fixed costs of the conversion were not as large as the actual payment!)

Obviously this is not an insurmountable problem - as has been pointed out, Steve Jackson Games seem to manage a mixture of both for their Playtest material - on the flipside, I would sometimes buy a copy of Pyramid if it looked like it had something interesting in it, whereas I haven't considered an electronic subscription. largely for the above reasons....

So without compelling reasons to change, and agreeing that I'd generally prefer a book to a file if the effort could only be spent on one of the options (I can read it in bed, in the bath and on the train, and I can easily take it to a game, be it in someones house, at the games club or at a convention) I'd also vote for the status quo.

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