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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 06:08:04 -0800

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>1)Is Esrolian culture more urban-centered than that of the Heortlings
>(i.e. approx 1 in 18 Esrolians live in Nochet)?
More urban dominated, yes.

>2)'Most' rural Heortlings live communally in steads; Do 'most' rural
>Esrolians live communally with their extended family in steads? Is
>their technology similar? Is their style of dress similar? Would they
>recognise each others customs?

Yes to all.

>3)Are non-leadership gender roles similar to Heortlings i.e women
>still run the home, men perform warfare, heavy labour but valued
>differently? Or are many gender-roles reversed for 'most' Esrolians?
Roles are not reversed.
"Biology always wins."

>4) Are clans still the basic social unit,or

Clans, matrilineally calculated.

>5)Is the similarity to Heortling culture most significant to those
>clans that worship Orlanth as Ernalda's husband (or have the
>appropriate year-father), with other clans diverging from this model
>with the influence of their choice of year-father.

>6) Is polyandry (sp?) common?

Common? Not sure what that means.
Acceptable? Yes. Common among the rich and powerful? Yes.

>7)Is the Orlanth cult less rich in subcults in Esrolia?
>Is his mythic
>role less significant as 'just one of Ernalda's husbands'?
Yes and No. Mostly no.
>Esrolians recognise Vinga and Nandan?


>6)Would a matrilineal and matriachal Heortling clan look similiar to
>an Esrolian one if you were an outsider (say a Loskalmite)?

>8)Was the Kingdom of Night a significant influence on Esrolian

I am not sure what the quantifier "significent" means here.

>9)Are the Malkioni a significant influence on Esrolian culture? If so
>is that influence mainly confined to urban areas?
No. But yes, there are significent numbers of Malkioni in cities o affect their running.

>10) Would a male Erolian have a closer relationship with his sister's
>children on the grounds that is they who will inherit or does
>marriage tie his fortunes to his wife's clan so much that he would
>favour his own offspring?

They are matrilineal. Sons belong to their mother's clans. Officially, it is impossible to prove paternity.

>11) Do the mercantile elements of the economy wield any political

Yes, absolutely.

>12) Celts/Saxons/Vikings are good sources of real-world inspiration
>for Heortlings. Are there any other cultures we might think of when
>drawing inspiration for Esrolians.


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