Re:Esrolia, Matriarchy, Iroquois

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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 17:49:55 -0000

John Hughes
>>In such systems, a man's resources and identity are bound
to his SISTER's children (who are of his lineage/clan), rather than his own
and his wife's (who belong to her clan). The brother/sister bond will be
very strong, the husband/wife bond relatively weak. Divorce rates are high
in most matrilineal societies, and it is usually the woman who sends her
husband packing. For children, 'father' may be a relatively distant and
unimportant figure, while 'Uncle' (Mother's Brother) will take very close
care of them.<<

But if the husband goes to live with the wifes clan, which I believe is the case in Esrolia, the uncle himself would be sent off to live with his wife's clan and wouldn't be around to raise his sisters kids. Or is there some custom in which, say, the oldest brother doesn't marry and stays with his mothers clan throughout his life?

                                                 Mark Mohrfield    

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