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Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 10:52:38 -0000

Hi All

(or should this be on GD - I'm happy to move to that, if it is the consensus?)

> John Hughes:
> >Far Pointers organised themselves
> >into clans, which were rapidly discarded by rural and agricultural Tarsh,
> >whose social system concentrates on family and tribe.

Peter Metcalfe

> I don't agree. The clan is pretty much basic to Orlanthi society
> in a way that the tribe is not. For Tarsh, we are told that:

(snip references to the decay of tribal kings in Tarsh)

For UW, we have posited that tribes are still key *as social units* within Tarsh, even while *tribal kingship* has been in effect replaced by the imposition of royal appointees based on a map of Greg's in which he had divided Tarsh into tribal units and then subsequent discussion with him. I don't think there need be any contradiction with Glorantha: Intro, precisely because of this social/institutional split. In my opinion, it also fits better with the more settled and agrarian nature of Tarsh, as well as providing an interesting distinction with Sartarite Orlanthi social patterns.

OK, so it fits with the work Simon and I are doing with UW, but I must say that I think this is proving a very interesting and enlightening thread!


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