Re: Re: tribes and clans in Tarsh

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_...>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 14:15:37 +1100

Ian's description of a number of different "levels" of our explorations of Glorantha, and the wisdom of knowing when too much detail is counter-productive was BRILLIANT!

Spot on! Glorantha is a background for so many different things: games - from sunday afternoon broo-bashes to world-changing epics: stories - all sorts, all genres, all lengths: and as a shared world for myth-building and mutual creativity. All of these demand different levels of detail, "scale" and emphasis. DP, KODP, a HW broo-bash, the recent history of Sartar, Timmy Trollkin's rock collection, or the myriad uses of enlo urine all must emphasise some things and forget, ignore or simplify others.

This was really driven home to me a few days ago when I ran Ian Thomson and clan's updated "Garhound Contests" through a virgin spellchecker. So many - hundreds and hundreds! - of new names, terms and concepts, even though Garhound is an excellent 'beginners' module. The learning curve is just so steep.

My only quibble with Ian's post is his description of the Orlanthi model as a God-Learner fiction. God Learners! What are "God-Learners"!?! The God Learner model is a Third Age fiction of unity, when in fact we have a myriad collection of diverse and individual sub-cultures. Such un-deconstructed ur-myths are born of phallotechnophobic attitudes in Western culture, perpetrated by smug, Pre-derridian-post-structuralist, naive-positivistic, pre-cyborg scientistic Lhankor Mhys whose less-than-savoury relationships with their parchment sources are well-known to us all. As Timmy Trollkin once
said, How can you speak of a single model for these people when ....

[Exit stage left, dragged kicking, screaming and ranting to do the shopping... oh 'eck.]


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