Re: Yinkin: god of alynx, or alynx that is a god?

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_...>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 13:21:31 +1100


> Yinkin is the god of alynxes, but is he also an alynx (in the way
> that most of the gods are human), or is he more human, with certain
> alynx-like properties?

I'd say he's both at the same time, and more. Deities who are simultaneously animal and human are very common in the myths of human cultures that live close to nature: Australian Aboriginal being one that springs to mind. Similarly tribesfolk with totemic identities or power animals will explicitly say "I *am* a skunkbear/parakeet/hairy-nosed wombat" while stubbornly continuing to manifest human shape.

Eurmal is certainty sometimes animal, sometimes human (just like Earthly tricksters like Coyote and Raven), and even Orlanth is worshipped as a Great Boar in Ralios.

While a bit odd from our modern western perspective, totemic thought is very, very human. And I think most Heortlings would understand that the gods are just too big to be contained by human thoughts or limitations. Heck, they've all been to the Other Side themselves...

> (for that matter, you'd almost think Yinkin worshippers would get
> a "curious" trait!)

Not to mention "Scatter D20s to Inaccessible Corners of the House". Grrrrrr.


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