Re: Hero Points

From: vacuumdecay <HughLong_at_...>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 06:09:29 -0000

> Generally this is why I moved to more and more HP. The more
players have,
> the more they tend to feel more comfortable with deciding either
way with
> them. They tend to get less radical either way. However, with too
many now,
> there's another problem with an embarassment of riches. So I'm
going to pare
> back slightly until, hopefully, I find a sweetspot that seems to
affect most
> players such that they feel that the HP are valuable, but that
they can
> spend them either way when the feel like it. I hope that sweetspot
> Mike

One thing I've thought of but haven't tried yet is to divide the improvement
costs by 3. So a player could either get one bump up during play or improve
three abilities by +1. This way I could be stingy with handing out points
but still get a signifigant rate of progress from the player characters.

Noel Montealegre

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