Re: Harrek

From: ian_hammond_cooper_at_...
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 11:31:56 -0000

Peter Metcalfe wrote:

> He also circumnavigates the lozenge which is some sort of heroquest
> (Errinoru does it once as an epic deed and Hoom Jhis thrice)
> although the benefits aren't known to me.

I've always thought that the circumnavigation epic would make a great story arc for the Hero Wars line. Vikings/Pirates/Argonauts/Sinbad the RW material to draw on is so rich. Travel the world, meet interesting people, and kill them. And it leads surviving heroes into the Hero Wars very nicely.

PS Harrek is a hero in the same sense that Conan (another killing machine) is a hero (or even Harald Hardrada, the landwaster).

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