Re: french Pavic campaign

From: Tadaaki Kakegawa <>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 22:04:39 +0900

 Hello from Japan ;)

<<< Suzanne lanies <lanies_at_...> said>>>

>>So this one to Greg Stafford : what level of "officiality" does it have ?
>>Was it approved by Issaries, will it be supeceded by another publication in
>>the near or far future ?

 I have heard Prax Pack (Players book called Beast Riders and Narrators  book called Greatland) had been developed by a fan group with  Issaries's support. but as far as I can see on the web  (, it is focused on Praxians, not  colonized Orlanthi on the River valley. IIRC, Greg once said Issaries  would not deal with Pavis and Rubble, because they will not play major  role in the Hero Wars.


Tadaaki Kakegawa

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