Re: Buy all Books

From: Nils Weinander <nils_w_at_...>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 15:56:09 +0100

Simon Bray:
> If you want Issaries to succeed, buy all their products.

Absolutely. And Thunder Rebels is well worth buying even if you don't play orlanthi, as it is a lovely book (even though my copy arrived soggy and water damaged, damned postal service).

> On the subject of Teshnos, it will be visited at least in the Sailor
> Campaign series. I'm not sure how it would stand as a book buy itself, (from
> a marketing point of view). I have learned from my Fonrit experiences that
> everyone really wants to play in Dragon Pass, and only a few explore any
> further.

I'm quite sure that when the excellent material on Fonrit, Fronela etc is published, people will start playing there too.

Nils Weinander
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