Works in Progress

From: Kevin P. McDonald <paul_mcdonald_at_...>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 16:05:30 -0500

Greg, re GRoY:

> <<It was never intended to be of game use. It is a very esoteric resource
> intended (as it says) for my personal reference and use. >>

Keith N replies:

> I used it as a very useable resource (OK only bits of it and supplemented with
> the Redline History) for an epic campaign starting in Blood Kings Carmania and
> ending up on the Moon with Jannisor Moonchaser via a full scale war down the
> Oslir Valley.

I just want to take a moment and second this. While it is obvious that the Works in Progress are not intended for most people, they are invaluable resources for potential authors and experienced gloranthaphiles running games set in Peloria. I know that in my case, the game I run in the Western Reaches would not be nearly as rich without the Entekosiad (and to a lesser extent Fortunate Succession). In my opinion, it would have been tragic if these books had never been made available because they are rough and unfinished. Thanks for not holding back, Greg!!!

As for the larger issue, all I have to add is that there is a big difference between "Buy or we won't publish." and "Buy or we may not be *able* to publish." I will buy all the Dragon Pass stuff, even though the Orlanthi don't even factor into my game as opponents - I want the Lunar book *that* badly! <laugh> I am sure it will be an interesting read, anyway...


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