RE: Re: Fan Support vs. Blackmail

From: Jeff Johnson <jsjohnso_at_...>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 21:36:18 -0800

> It would be easy to take this too far: after all, 'it's a game, it's
> not a way of life'. But games are a pretty central part of living. If
> anyone wants to treat Glorantha as purely a consumer product, then
> fine, that is their right. But those same market laws might bring
> Issaries down - and on how many renaissances can we rely?

Games of all kinds are purely a consumer product. If Issaries goes broke because they publish books nobody wants, so be it. No skin off my nose; I may like Glorantha, but I can easily find something else.

For me, games are certainly not a 'central part of living'. I only spend a few hours a week on roleplaying games. If I don't enjoy a game, I don't buy any more of its supporting products until or unless I hear that its been changed for the better.

Apparently, that makes me some sort of subhuman and non-fan in the eyes of the cultists on this list, despite the bookshelf full of Gloranthan material a few feet away from me while I write this.

I don't consider Issaries, or Glorantha, or any role-playing game or setting to be something worthy of a perpetual tithe.

Fans who lambaste other fans for lack of such cult-like behaviour will do nothing to make Issaries or Glorantha more popular.

Jeff Johnson

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