RE: Re: Heroes vs Otherworld Beings in Terms of HQs

From: Mike Holmes <mike_c_holmes_at_...>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 13:34:46 -0600

>From: "nichughes2001" <nicolas.h_at_...>
>Some step or section will be the part that "Harmast showed us the way"
>and any feat associated with this part of the myth is associated with
>Harmast. Game mechanically this feat comes directly from Harmast as
>would any corresponding heroquest but I'm not sure that this is how
>characters would see it in-game, perhaps it varies by pantheon anyway.

Well, i get your point, but it's merely a refinement of my own, I think. That is, you've created a new sub-type of heroquest giving us:

  1. Follow a being from before the dawn.
  2. A. Follow a post-dawn hero following such a being.
  3. B. Follow a post-dawn hero who blazed his own trail.



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