Re: Re: Fan Support vs. Blackmail and Teshnos

From: Gianfranco Geroldi <janjero_at_...>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 19:08:36 +0100

> We've waited *way* too long, let's build Glorantha *this time*.
> Mark

I respond just to this one, after a lot of interesting reading about the various POV.

I, for one, am in difficulty helping to build Glorantha. I am a continent away and I find difficult to write in my language and then translate in an appropriate form (all the more with a game system I'm not still familiar with).

I don't know if I will order Storm stuff, in the end. But I like the idea (I don't recall who posted it: sorry) of regarding the purchase as a reading book, even if the scenario background is not interesting in my campaign. I consider this one the best reason for purchasing, at the moment.

As for Teshnos: Ok, you don't adventure in T, so let's imagine that a ship from Gio disembark a party of Teshnan, sent by Garusharp, to jeopardize the local middlemen who trade with Melib. Your party is hired by the local Goldentongue or Dormali to defend his interests (and life!). How do you imagine the Teshnan villains?
Are they Theists or Mystics? I imagine a combination of the two, like a misapplied Mysticism or a Henoteistic Eastern Sect. I would be very interested in hearing others' opinions.

Thanks in advance.


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