Re: [OpenHeroQuest] Re: Revolutionoid Tendencialness in the Esrolitian Masculinites

From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_qhMSC75_E4FySwAPnbJLCqmBVkdxnFwCncLK88BOvUf4kEQq0kBz4NtSxHKzYkK9s01Ydf>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 13:19:15 +0200

Chris :

> --- Julian Lord <> wrote:
> > mythocentricism of pussywhipship in gamarchic
> > societies of Hero Wars era esrolitian gender clashes
> > from a Foucauldian perspective
> Isn't that pretty much what you said on the GD?

Not in THAT thread anyway ... or is that what I said in Storm Tribe ?

I'm confused. Will Your Redneckship please explain in more detail ?



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