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From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_U2m2YGu4wpjT7BFfWUjh3mlGsUSMyK1aS5i9-jzeuo-PCK-anUzXCeUtMi9WQEvZLqWqsT>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:50:36 +0100

Chris :

> You are taking my words out the
> context of the point they were trying to make, which
> was that the immigrants who came here were remarkably
> successful -- not what you would expect of idiot
> mongrels.

But *these* idiot mongrels had a bunch
of Old Europeans and descendants of Old Europeans (and a table for 12 at the Procope café in Paris) to do all of their thinking for them.

Not to mention all the basic infrastructures previously built for them by Old Europeans ...

> Since you are from Northern Ireland, I'd
> expect you to know of at least one massacre.

The problem in northern Ireland stems from the English depriving the Irish of their land and work rights, NOT of engaging in campaigns of systematic genocide against them.


"Hmmm, I've heard of other powers.
Can you tell me about ...

... Real Life ?"


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