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From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at__wpfAJ0RGn5HXWXk_tI7JINrzckWUDwMZuOlKCGHu4XKtXEzUQfasoIyNsOb5>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 16:03:15 -0000

For that true Arthurian experience, I suggest you watch those in a triple-bill with 'Arthur's Quest', which features the spot on casting of Zach Galligan from the Gremlins films as... Uther Pendragon.

> Howzabout you guys ? Which 'heroic fantasy' flick(s)
> do you guys want to bring onto the ramparts
> of Bacharach (with the obligatory complementary
> lighter appended) ?

Personally, I'd suggest: Barbarian Queen I ("No man can touch her naked steel"; 1985) & Barbarian Queen II ("The Empress Strikes Back"; 1989); and Deathstalker ("The Last Great Warrior"; 1983), Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans (1987), Deathstalker III: The Warriors From Hell (1988), and Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans (1992).

These films are so atrociously bad (and revelling in it) that they are at times ludicrous fun to watch. At others, er... not. They're usually so cheap you can afford to burn them and buy another copy if you ever want a laugh. The bargain basement end of the Sword and Sworcery genre... i.e. 'Falchion and Flesh' is perhaps a better description.

Check out Chef Elf's great reviews of these films at:

For two snippets of badness, try:



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