Re: [OpenHeroQuest] Re: HEY! has anyone got any keyword HQ stuff for ducks??

From: kmnellist_at_zYa4isGiNycrJ0kGbBoSZJXNhvPdfs87TogZo-KfCoaKFDEGLdiPCrOHDRYZS8Kqtn
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 01:35:26 EDT

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Hopefully, of course, Unspoken Word DUCKS! will get off the ground, and force us all to take matters seriously.

How can you possibly be working on DUCKS when an Unspoken Word MAIDSTONE ARCHER special has not been completed? When is Issaries to publish "Mammoth is Dead!", "Maidstone Rebels", "Grotaron Adventures", "Masters of Necessity and Embroidery" (Grotaron Herobands), or the "Imperial Trimane Handbook"?? Keith

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