Re: Some Issaries Questions

From: charlesmacateer <dcboat_at_DOlpWoq6kzFs6i7QhvUzyP2xUjHAG7wFSnVhc1o9ysMwf5vPGKdXr7pr_rDOmnkwCzd6m>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 21:57:25 -0000

Jane Williams
>And travelogues, and "cheer on the NPCs". Don't forget them.
>Be fair, even here. Orane's Spindle and Skullpoint were good.)

Both are good scenarios but was either of them commissioned by Issaries, certainly not Orane's Spindle as it previously appeared on or Ian Coopers Web page I cannot remember which.

I had been waiting for the Great Sartar Campaign, I have given up on that now. This seems to have been partial written, say about 1/10, then hacked apart and spread over at least four books. It will be interesting to compare the content of The Great Campaign for Pendragon and what has been published by _Issaries_ for Heroquest.

Anyway I am not going to let any of this negativity prevent me from running a demo of Heroquest next weekend in Ft. Lauderdale.            

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