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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 16:19:49 +0200

I don't have anything useful to say so delete this now. Am amazed that people are worked up so much about this. When the books were first presented I was more interested in the many friends who were at the con, and so didn't care as much as so many here seem to. I sat with Rick and everyone, going thru the books fresh from their box. I was also quite distracted by the presence of Claudia who put them together. So maybe I missed something but I understood that these are collected bits from stuff on the website(s), and not new material, the excitement stemming from the quality of the production.

Jeff, I agree with all your well-said points about the tribe and friends and all. Pleased to see that our list of important friends is nearly indentical. BUT, you left me out, ON PURPOSE I'm sure, and have thus incured my enmity. For this insult I'm not going to tell you what Ines told me Claudia (S) said about you, and the nice related bits which I'm still grinning about. I'll rub it in more at the con. And I'll all the more enjoy your crushing defeat in the drinking contest as you writhe in your own puke while I open a new rum (Inner Circle 76%) for Claudia (L), who'll still be fully navigable.


  From: Jeff Richard

  Although this is the Immoderate list, I'd like to thank Tim for his   reasoned and calm approach to this issue. I appreciate it   sincerely, and figured I've give my two cents on this.

  The reason there were five hard copies and ten or fifteen soft   copies made is because that's what the Con organizers wanted. Greg   and I wanted to help Tentacles and Continuum out whatever way   possible - these conventions are IMO the heart and soul of Glorantha   as a tribe, which I for one value much higher than Glorantha as a   roleplaying game setting or as a source of geeky obsessive   esoterica. That's my own opinion - not Greg's, not Issaries, and   not Moon Design. I remain involved in Glorantha (which is the only   roleplaying setting I have any interest in) because of the friends   that I have made through the Seattle Farmers, through Moon Design   and Issaries, and most importantly, through the conventions.   Friends like Rick Meints, Nick Brooke, MOB, David Hall, Fabian, Loz,   Dan Barker, Colin Philips, Lewis Jardine, Simon Bray, Sandy   Petersen, Joerg, Greg, Andre, Ingo, Claudia Loroff, Tressy, and many   many more that I really should have included.

  So when Fabian and Simon wanted fundraising pieces, I was only too   happy to comply. If they wanted to make only five copies, that was   just fine with me. If they wanted to make one hundred copies, that   was fine with me. If they wanted to make only one copy and bury it   in a vault for twenty years, that's fine with me. Because at the   end of the day, I am not in this for the money, I am in this for my   friends and not for money.

  I know the Conventions cost a lot of money to go to - it ain't cheap   to fly from Seattle to Germany or to the UK. But the Conventions   really are important. I never would have spent the amount of time   and energy that I have if it wasn't for the friends I have made.

  Maybe this is elitist or clubby, but frankly I don't care. I've   made a diverse group of friends through the conventions and I want   to support them in whatever way I can. I hope that explains my   perspective.

  Thanks again -


  PS. I forgot to add - Peter, go fuck yourself.    

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