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Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 19:45:57 +0100

Regarding this whole discussion....
Like, Yuh-Awn !!! (I've just spent a week on a field course with people younger than me, yet not so much so, sufficiently in the right zone, ca. 15 years, to give me at least the urge to try it on) Why don't you all go watch the World Cup? Sheesh.
Go be sad losers where at least a sizeable part of the world is involved, is as sad as are you.

Merchant Bankers the lot of you.

As for Stu and his martial races codswallop, we never felt the need to be that martial down here, we could always import the necessary brutality from further north and west, and send it where we needed (with caveats of historical accuracy upon which which Stu will no doubt pounce, but the sentiment's the important thing.)


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  Erm, excuse me Daniel, but if you are going to contribute to this   list and you can't be contraversial you could at least include a few   expletives?

  For example,

  Yes. No imagination at all. Wankers!


  Best regards

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