Mients you fucking pussy

From: charlesmacateer <dcboatright_at_3ljsAjD1DB5DEvN4Vyeq3azeDMX3w0BqVk38LgkcGd2lVufTdy1hfB7CZyNDXlWw>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 16:34:17 -0000

>Aranwyth, aka David Boatright,

>Perhaps if you spelled my name right the message might get through.

>As for your request implying that I only respond to emails from
>members of some clique, I do not find your request funny. If
>you .were trying to be serious, I find your post insulting. I would
>have thought that the warning you got from the moderators on 9/10
>would have sunk in, but I can only conclude that it hasn't.


>I don't know your email address or real name, so I can't verify
>whether I got your email or not. You are welcome to privately
>email .me and we can figure this out.


How the fuck can you talk about being insulted you useless cunt. People are trying to buy a fucking product you produce and you are fucking ignoring them. Passing on multiple emails addresses and a link to your RPGNET ID does nothing. It seems tweaking your fragile ego is the only way to illicit a response.

Here some hints for you so you can stop insulting other people.

Provide one fucking email address that you actually respond to in a timely manner.

Reply to people who order something in timely manner.

If can't do it find someone to do it find someone to do it. Fuck I will volunteer to do it. I could provide a better service than you do and it would mean using public transport to get to a USPS office, once a week, to mail stuff.            

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