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> > Now that the Secret of the God Learners has been revealed, ...
>But it hasn't.

Denial is just not the river in Egypt.

>We still haven't been told any more than was in the Genertela boxed
>set. The GLS had a method of altering myths. Yes, we knew that. What
>was it? Still no idea.

The secret was that the God Learners could alter myths. How they could do this has been amply described in numerous texts since then (Arcane Lore, Middle Sea Empire etc) and it is really no mystery to anybody that followed the glorantha digest over the past decade.

That's not to say that the God Learners should not have had a Forbidden Secret. They should and it's an excellent thing for them to have had. But what Greg decided to have been the secret is really unworthy of the hype that it has accumulated over the years. I half suspect the reason why it has been kept secret all this time was that people were trying to think of another secret that was more worthy of being the Forbidden Secret.

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